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Founded in 2018, Atlis provides an in-house & external, multidisciplinary outlet for design. If you're looking to bring your ideas to fruition, Atlis provides services from Product & Graphic design to Design for manufacture. Focused on a human centered design approcah, Atlis works with our clients from start to finish .

We provide for all your needs in our one stop shop. Need a website developed and managed, simply click on our Graphic design link in the service and we can provide free online advice and arrange a meeting. Want to improve or develop a product, simply email us from our 'Design for manufacture' page and we can talk you through the necessary processes.

Atlis brings a young, enthusiastic team with forward thinking minds and current trend viewpoints. Established to provide a forward thinking and novel approach to various design entities, Atlis aims to help build your business with stand out work.


Founded by CEO, Blaine Barton, Atlis is an easy to navigate company, encompassing 'good design'. If you want to bring your business into the future, hire one of our amazing team and develop your design through our competitive and unique approach.

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- Design for Manufacture

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Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

Sun: 7am - 3pm

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Woolloongabba,QLD, 4102

Telephone:+61431 053 586

Email: Info@atlis.com.au

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