Step 1: Recieve a quote based on your enquiry. You'll interact directly with one of our highly trained professionals over the phone or through a video meeting to discuss your specific requirements. We'll develop a detailed scope of works, quote for manufacture and supply and advise on installation and maintenance.

Step 2: Once scope is refined and quote is approved we will begin the process of drafting your required product.

Atlis provides a top level drafting service, ranging from updating existing technical drawings to parametric displays of new product development and CAD. 

If you are looking to update your documentation and unify your formatting, we provide our service at a competitive rate.

Our professional Drafting contractors show a proven history of exceptional work adding value to your business. Atlis Drafting is proudly Australian owned and operated and can handle any product based drafting solution.

Our experience and expertise has been shown in the work completed for both large & small scale enterprises. 

Atlis Drafting  is capable of catering to all your needs and work with you personally, undergoing unlimited revisions to create your perfect documentation.

Atlis contractors are certified industrial designers and offer a professional and efficient approach to your drafting needs.

Product design & Render

Step 1: We meet to discuss your idea and begin the process of  iterations and viability.

Step 2: Once design requirements have been met a CAD model will be developed. Using top of the market software we create a realistic rendering to allow you to view your product as it would be seen in the real world.

At Atlis we realise companies and consumers may need external, temporary or contract professionals to bring their idea to fruition. It is often clear that clients do not have the necessary computer systems and programs or expertise to develop their own ideas. We provide the service with the top of the line, licensed systems.


 We take the customer step by step from idea, iteration, documentation, prototyping and manufacture

Atlis will work with you to develop your idea and render to a real world quality allowing you to view your product as it would appear once manufactured.

Supply & Manufacture

Specialising in Bollards and Bike racks, Atlis works with you from idea to manufacture and supply.

After working through your design requirements, and developing renders for a clearer view of your idea, Atlis begins the process of drafting and manufacturing your product.

If the idea requires changes to our standard Engineered range, we will utilise our structural consultant to ensure we develop a product to current Australian standards.

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