Atlis provides a top level drafting service, ranging from updating existing technical drawings to parametric displays of new product development and CAD. 

If you are looking to update your documentation and unify your formatting, we provide our services at an hourly rate, regardless the extent of work.

Our professional Drafting contractors show a proven history of top level work adding value to your business. Atlis Drafting is proudly Australian owned and operated and can handle any product based drafting solution.

Our experience and expertise has been shown in the work completed for both large & small scale enterprises. Our team show expertise in Solidworks and other reputable CAD programs.

Atlis Drafting  is capable of catering for all your needs and work with you personally, undergoing unlimited revisions to create your perfect documentation.

Atlis contractors are certified industrial designers and offer a professional and efficient approach to your drafting needs.

Example: Simple 15° Bend

Tri Underground pty ltd

Drafting example