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BarFor is an Australian owned and operated hard wood timber plantation, located on the fringes of Brisbane City, QLD. Not only being locally sourced, the timber grown and milled at BarFor maintains a carbon neutral production cost.

A wide variety of sought after genus are cultivated in this forestry of 10,000 plus trees.

Production of this meticulously maintained plantation began in 1995 and nutritious soil and perfectly irrigated systems have guaranteed top grade timber quality.

Primary use for this timber can be found in the production of top quality furniture however, Atlis has been fortunate enough to partner with BarFor producing top quality, customiseable, Artisan designs.

Whether you're looking for personalised, unique coasters or beautiful wedding favours, Atlis and BarFor will create your desire. Beautiful timbers like these are rare and with the world moving the way it is, they will only become rarer.

Browse our products today, and don't miss out on the opportunity to hold and own a one of a kind piece.