Our Products

Atlis specialise in the design and manufacture of bollards and bike racks.

End of Trip (EOT) facilities are becoming incredibly common place in newly built developments and are one of the go-to refurbishments for existing complexes.

There are many standard products on the market but why not stand out with one of our uniquely designed or bespoke options for your bike racks and bollards.

Utilising top-grade materials and engineer certified designs, our products are top of the line.

Bollard BB1-200.3.png


Atlis specialises in the design and development of engineer certified bollards. Explore our range to provide extra security and aesthetic to your premise.


For a economical option, Atlis designs and develops sleeves to cover existing bollards. We utilise materials from plastic to mild and stainless steel.

BS - 01.5.png
VBR - 01 - loop.4.png


With End of Trip facilities gaining popularity, Atlis provides a wide range of bike parking solutions. We have the capacity to design and manufacture to your needs.