Ways sustainable design can improve our future

It's 2018, we no longer have an excuse to deplete our resources as if they'd last forever and have no detrimental effect to our environment. In the last 10 years there has been a great attitude shift towards a cleaner future.

One great example of a revolutionary push for sustainable living is the Tesla Electric Car. Elon Musk, Tesla's creator is one of the visionaries creating a new way of thinking for the upcoming generations. Musk started off humbly as a business man, trying to improve systems for everyday people in the field of finances. He now operates the largest sustainable energy enterprise and is pushing the limits of human exploration with his Space X rockets.

The reason Elon Musk is so important is because, Design and design thinking has become stagnant. Products and services are (generally) developed to simply turn a profit. Along with this mentality, a 'throw away' attitude has been adopted and due to market wants, designers have adjusted their thinking accordingly.

Have you ever noticed that your smart phone starts 'playing up' when the new model is about to drop? This is because profit driven and throw away thinking by companies is what appeals to public reasoning.This is great for a company to maintain it's economy but it is terrible for the bigger picture matters. Most throw away products end up in landfill, polluting water ways & expelling our resources.

Ultimately sustainable design aims to reduce the detrimental impacts on the environment. The evolving design outlook behind sustainable design is to essentially reduce the need to use non-renewable resources, minimise waste and slow the process of environmental degradation.

Sustainable design balances the fact that profits are relevant to maintain a viable enterprise. The approach relies on compromise that can impact the environment in a beneficial way while still supplying the consumer with what they desire.

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