What is AI and why am I scared of it?

We've all, at some stage, stumbled into the debate as to whether AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to send us to new worlds or drive us too extinction. The discussion is valid yet complex as the result of AI becoming self aware is inevitable but who knows how it will behave?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines contrary to natural intelligence demonstrated by organic lifeforms. Essentially AI is an array of coding and algorithms programmed into a machine that give it the capability of learning by it's mistakes and using internet resources. The debate rages on as to whether AI will benefit of hinder the human species.

Some arguments that support the against community are the disruption of available jobs. If AI was to become increasingly intelligent, it's logical to assume that it could potentially complete work, with an efficiency equal to or better than that of a human. For the well-being of the general public this can be seen as a detrimental turn of events. To a business owner this could be seen as a huge benefit in production efficiency. Other arguments surround the purists who believe AI will never have the potential to complete magnificent artworks or symphonies. Unfortunately, this argument has been destroyed as there are already examples of AI completing what could considered master pieces. The process of the creation is different but nevertheless, a master piece has been created.

The Artwork in question is based on Rembrandt's style. The AI programming took in an abundance of relevant features from Rembrandt's previous work and developed a completely unique piece from scratch. The argument that AI will never develop emotive art can be put aside as this is already happening.

NetImperative (2016) - http://www.netimperative.com

There is an elite AI system designed by IBM affectionately named Watson. This system not only helps businesses build higher levels of engagement, it is capable of answering any question asked of it. The difference between Watson and other QA (Question/Answer) processing systems, is that Watson doesn't just focus on keywords. Watson takes the question and seeks to understand it and instead of returning highest ranked documents it responds with a precise answer. Watson was first, commercially used for lung cancer treatment, utilisation management. Some deficiencies associated with Watson is it cannot 100% identify context with clues in some scenarios. This is merely based on the level of current technology and the fact that this AI is already developed to this standard shows major upgrades for future progress.

The very term 'Artificial Intelligence' can send a shiver down a persons spine as they reminisce on thrillers like the Terminator series. In reality AI is more complex and currently beneficial to society. Popular scientists and forward thinkers have a more grim outlook on the future of AI. Genuises like the late Steven Hawking have said "the emergence of artificial intelligence could be the worst event in the history of our civilization". He has urged creators of AI to "employ best practice and effective management". (Tech Transformers, 2017)

To be cautious around AI is extremely smart but to be scared could slow progress.

All in all, nearly everyone globally utilises AI in one way or another every day. To deny the progress of AI would mean to deny the progression of our own future. The development of such a complex technology has in fact allowed a more resourceful livelihood and as long as we develop it cautiously there will be no issue with future advances.

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