Movie Concept Design

Have you ever watched a futuristic Sci-fi movie and thought 'how cool would that be?', referring to the crazy technology depicted.

You wait 10 years and all of a sudden you're seeing derivatives of that product being sold and used in real life. Movie concept design, not only creates immersive emotion with the viewer, but also guides the way for designers imaginations.

One great example of a film franchise that used imaginative designers to develop amazing concepts was Star Trek. To name a few real world products that emerged from these series are, 3D printers, Mobile phones, Ipads/tablets, Google Glasses, multimedia framework and Blue tooth.

Other notable inspired products & systems born from movies, writers and literature were : Robot Exo-skeletons (Iron man), Smart watch/robot maids (Jetsons), Telecommunications (Arthur C Clarke), Air Touch Tech (Minority Report), Rockets (H.G Wells), Helicopters (Jules Verne), Full body scanners (Total Recall), Tanks (Jules Verne 'iron clad'), Submarine (Jules Verne)

"What is now proved, was once only imagined" - William Blake.

This statement by William Blake perfectly sums up how imagination can be transferred to practical deliverables. Blake was an artist and influencer from the 19th Century, imagining the world through a different lens.

It takes imagination and out of the box thinking to progress our worldly views and technology.

Another great quote comes from Henry Ford, stating: "If i had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses". It's incredibly insightful from a innovative thinker like Ford due to the fact being, most of us go through life following the system we know.

Creativity is within all of us and it only takes a moment of our time to reach into our own imagination to retrieve new ideas. Concept designers give the world that extra advantage of thinking for us. Presenting fascinating ideas through movies and text gives opportunity for the common person to be astounded and drawn into the world of the designers mind.

Where once we could only be inspired by our surroundings, our own imagination and literature, we now have a visual inlet through film to paint a picture of the new world.

Movie concept designers want to believe and allow their viewers to believe that their idea can and should function. They want to present breath-taking and emotional ideas so that the consumer can be lost in the world with them.

It has been shown that the phrase 'nothing is impossible' is no longer just a mood pep. It's a proven statement and it's exciting to imagine what ideas are thought up and developed in our future.

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