Managing Director: Blaine Barton

BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Specialising: CAD, Render, Drafting,Interpretation

Blaine Barton B.A IndDes (Hons) founded Atlis with the vision of providing multidisciplinary design solutions tailored to the client’s scale and need.

Blaine has been contracted to both small and large scale commercial companies to provide services in relation to product development, website and catalogue renders. He has also worked on consumer and residential projects​.

Blaine is passionate about 'good design’ and strives to implement ergonomic functionality and refined aesthetics through all stages of the development process.

Sustainability is considered a key factor in all of Blaine’s work and he endeavours to consider environmental aspects at every stage of the design process.

Designer: Dougal Nyst

BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Specialising: Graphic design, User Experience, Way-finding

Dougal became interested in design from a very young age. He studied graphics and product design in school which ultimately lead him to Industrial Design.

Dougal has been fortunate enough to study overseas in Holland, where he had the chance to travel and backpack around Europe. These experiences, while traveling and studying, made him reshape his love for design. Now, having started his professional career, Dougal has concluded that he doesn’t want to design for the sake of design; "I want to design for a purpose and actually make a difference rather than just add to the pile".

Designer: Jeremy Courcieres

BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Specialising:  CAD, Render, User Experience, New product development

Jeremy had the chance to grow up in Europe in the heart of design development, growing up with a family in the creative industries. His experiences have offered him a wide variety of knowledge within the fields of building large and small scale products.

Currently Jeremy is working with Intellidesign as an industrial designer. In Jeremy's professional career he's faced design thinking challenges everyday, moreover this has given him the opportunity to retain a wide understanding about materials, constraints, tolerances and standards.

Overall Jeremy would say that he is truly passionate about his work and being involved in a multitude of different projects has brought him great experience and enjoyment.

Designer: Roelius Opperman

BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Specialising:  CAD, Graphic Design, Illustration

As designers we have responsibility to address the 'human factors' throughout a possible solutions lifespan.”


Roelius grew up in a diversely creative and innovative family background. From art, gardening, photography, carpentry, metalwork even script writing everyone has their creative influences. With experience studying a broad spectrum of art and design at AUT in New Zealand, and honing his focus on Industrial Design at QUT in Brisbane, Roelius has respect for innovation and an eye for detail. His experience in commissions and his minor in Behavioral Studies gives him a deeper edge in understanding his client’s needs and their customer’s mindset.